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Timeless Trails are the Journeys on paths traversed by hundreds; leading to ancient, medieval and modern destinations which remain unaffected, unchanged by time and which we continue to explore. The present collection contains chapters covering a spectrum of destinations visited while on the Timeless Trails, between India and England.  I found several Trails that held compelling attractions yet are not highlighted through tourism brochures, some are neither popular tourist spots nor pilgrimage destinations. Consequently, while on the Trails, I tried to add a little more, find out a little more and then present these findings.

While compiling these articles I had multiple objectives in mind. The primary aim of these articles is to persuade the reader to traverse these Timeless Trails, for such journeys of self-discovery are both exciting and invigorating.  It is hoped that these topics will prove to be significant and can be added to the travellers list of future destinations, help replace vague, stereotype images of such destinations that one knows very little about or of which exists only second hand information or even no information at all.  Many stand in abandoned splendour, some shrouded in mystery, whereas some are well preserved as fine museums housing and displaying relics and memorabilia of their past glory.

 It is a modest effort to encourage an unfettered enjoyment of destinations associated both with the past and present times. The Trails essential purpose is the presentation of noteworthy places of historical, religious or general interest. The myriad kaleidoscopic attractions on the Reverse Trail, the Spiritual Trail, the Art Trail, the Mystic Trail, the Literary Trail and the Majestic Trail touch diverse places in India and abroad.  Many more Timeless- Trails exist, out of which, only a few could be incorporated in this book.

While I was on these Trails, I came across revelations about places; that are unlikely to be received from reading extensively or browsing the internet.  It is customary to stop en-route at some city close to these destinations, which was quite easy. Combining history and legend; I hope it will enthral and attract travellers and readers to explore the intricacies of the Spiritual Trail, Art Trail, Reverse Trail, Majestic Trail, Mystic Trail and the Literary Trail. 

Several historical discoveries remain virtually unknown due to lack of exposure which could be idyllic tourist destinations and should be promoted. Just as the rest of the world is presenting its rich heritage, trails to nature-explorations, trails to spiritual havens, trails to ancient remains, forts or palaces by converting them into attractive tourist spots, as I discovered while on the Trails outside India.  Let us not ignore these testimonials of ‘what went before’ and preserve them for posterity and for our future generations.